Dr Charles Paxton

Monday, December 1 2014 at 7:00PM

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14-18 Perth Rd, Dundee, Angus DD1 4LN

Dr Charles Paxton

What's the talk about?

Skeptics sometimes say "the plural of anecdote is not data". However, sometimes anecdotes, aka eyewitness testimonies, can be analysed as data given certain caveats.

Here those caveats are explored along with 85 years of eyewitness testimony from Loch Ness and are revealing some interesting non-biological features of a Scottish national icon.

Charles Paxton is a fisheries ecologist and statistician at the University of St Andrews. His research interests are in the ecology and evolution of large aquatic organisms and fish, the macroevolution of aquatic ecosystems over "deep time" and the philosophy of science. However, it is his work on the science behind stories of sea monsters that receives most media attention. He has a very strong commitment to the public understanding of science and is especially interested in the question "How do we know, what to know?".